Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

The Perks of Plastic Dasher Boards

Wade Moreno

Dasher board are used as perimeters for all types of sporting arenas. They are great for professional and recreational facilities. In the past, dasher boards for indoor sport perimeters like ice hockey and indoor soccer were made out of wood. Wood does have certain advantages, like being easy to paint, but it is not the best material for dasher boards. This article explains why plastic is the best material for dasher boards.

Plastic Is Easy to Clean

When operating a public or private sports facilitiy, sanitation is obviously a constant issue. The dasher boards on indoor soccer fields are especially vulnerable and hard to keep sanitary. Players constantly come in contact with walls, spreading sweat onto them and causing health risks. Luckily, plastic dasher boards are much easier to clean. You can spray them down with a hose or wipe them down with a sponge and soap.

Plastic Is Safer than Wood

Plastic is certainly safer than wood because there is no risk of splinters. Players frequently rub their hands and bodies against the wall at high speeds. The possibility of serious splinters is very real. Plastic dashers pose no risk of splinters.

Plastic Doesn't Need to Be Painted

Unlike wooden dashers, plastic never needs to be painted. When wooden dashers are not properly sealed or painted they become susceptible to water damage. The maintenance required for wooden dashers can become expensive and inconvenient over the years.

Plastic Provides a Better Surface for Rebounds

Wood, especially when it becomes soggy and waterlogged, does not provide the best rebounds for hockey pucks and soccer balls. Furthermore, pucks can damage the wood and cause it break. Plastic creates a crisp rebound and poses no risk of breaking or scratching.

Plastic Is Easy to Customize

Plastic dashers are easier to customize, especially with advertisements and banners. You can easily secure vinyl banners from season to season using suction cups. These are great because they can be put up and taken down without any tools.

Plastic Is Modular

Plastic dashers are modular so it is easy to make upgrades and adjustments. For instance, you can easily change boards to accommodate different sports or activities. Also, if a dasher gets damaged, you can quickly replace it by just removing the bolts. The sizing makes it easy to make repairs and change dasher with minimal tools and no cutting.

Clearly, plastic is the way to go when it comes to sport dashers. To learn more or to buy dasher boards, contact companies like All American Arena Products.


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