Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

4 Low-Key Beach Activities For Autumn

Wade Moreno

As summer winds down and fall kicks off, the beach crowds will dwindle. But even if your kids are back in school, you can still get away to the beach for a few more weekends of sand and surf. Swim time may be limited due to colder weather, but you can prepare some low-key ideas to make a fun, memorable fall beach vacation. 

Sand Art on the Beach 

Have you ever collected sea shells or sand to bring home and decorate picture frames or a jewelry box? While this is a good way to remember your vacation, it can get your home sandy. A better idea, especially in the fall, is to bring your art supplies with you directly to the beach. Load up a plastic box with glue, paint, and other supplies and decorate projects with items you find during your vacation. 

Tide Pools

In many areas, the autumn tide pools are more active than the summer pools. This makes it a great time to get up close and personal with anemones, small fish, and crabs. Pack a pair of galoshes and a set of waders if you plan to stay in the pools for long. They will keep you warm and dry and allow you to explore all day long. 

Sand Gardens 

With the beaches less crowded, you will have the opportunity to take up more space on the beach. This makes it an excellent time to turn the entire beach into your personal sand garden. Bring along a rake and practice making various designs in the sand. If the weather is still warm enough during the day, you can also build a few sand castles without fear of them getting disturbed by the crowds around you. You should make sure to pack your camera to snap plenty of photos of your creations. 

Frisbee, Volleyball, or Football 

While these games can be fun during the summer, it is easy to overheat and get too tired to keep playing. But the crisp fall weather will feel great when you are heated up by running after a ball or disc. You may want to make sure to bring a change of clothes for after your game to keep warm and consider a picnic after you have finished playing. 

The beach can be a fun destination year round. It is not just a place to go to beat the summer heat. Contact a company like Things To Do In Broken Bow, OK for more information and assistance. 


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