Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Reasons to Give Break Dancing a Shot When You're an Adult

Wade Moreno

People might commonly see break dancing as an activity for teenagers, but this is a physical pursuit that anyone can enjoy. If you're an adult who enjoyed watching this expressive form of dance as a young person but never had the opportunity to learn, there's no time like now. Many dance studios teach break dancing, and you'll often be able to find classes for adults — perhaps because dance instructors know that this form of dancing has a nostalgic connection for those in their 30s and 40s. Here are some reasons to sign up for break dance lessons as an adult.

You'll Feel Young Again

You won't be long into your first break dancing lesson when you realize that you're feeling a lot younger than you are. The aches and pains of adulthood can begin to melt away as you hear music that you perhaps haven't heard in a couple decades and you begin to learn how to move in ways that you perhaps never had. The upbeat energy of a break dancing class can quickly get you out of adult mode, make you forget about your work and your kids, and make you feel a whole lot younger.

It's Good For Your Body

Break dancing is doubly good as a form of physical exercise because its heightened tempo can burn a lot of calories during a single session, while the gravity-defying moves are valuable for building your muscle strength. Burning calories is vital if you're trying to lose weight, and if you stick with break dancing, it can be a helpful way to reach this goal. If you break dance for one hour, expect to burn between 400 and 650 calories, depending on your weight. Strength wise, you'll notice improvements in the strength of your core, back, shoulders, and arms through this activity.

It's A Fun Way To Get Exercise

Many adults don't get nearly enough exercise, which can increase your risk of being overweight, suffering from various weight-related health complications, and even being depressed. Working out can be a challenge for some people; the idea of riding a stationary bike or going on a walk every evening after work may not have much appeal to you. However, you'll likely find that you're getting excited about your regular break dancing classes. The up-tempo nature of the classes, the fun camaraderie, and how good your body feels all combine to make this activity a perfect one — even when you're an adult.


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