Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Assess These Areas To Ensure That Your New Cycling Jersey Fits Correctly

Wade Moreno

When you buy new mens cycling jerseys, either in advance of a long trip or just to wear when you're taking your daily bike rides, you want to ensure that they fit you well. While proper-fitting attire is always important, the fact that this form-fitting garment will be on your body potentially for long periods of time means that you to ensure a proper fit before you complete the purchase. You should always try on a cycling jersey before you buy it, and don't just try it on, wear it for a few seconds, and then remove it. Here are some ways to assess this garment to ensure that it offers a proper fit.

Reach Forward

When you're on your bike, your arms will be outstretched forward holding onto the handlebars. Once you've slipped the cycling jersey on, adopt this posture. At a cycling shop, you may even wish to sit on a bike while you have the jersey on. Even though cycling jerseys are conventionally tight, you want to feel as though the garment is comfortable around your underarms. Over time, a cycling jersey that is too snug can chafe in this area, and can be especially unpleasant if you sweat heavily.

Evaluate The Length

If you wear your cycling jersey tucked into your cycling shorts, you want to keep it that way — you can't be constantly trying to tuck the garment back in while you're pedaling. When you put on the cycling jersey, note how far it comes down. You may wish to once again get onto a bike at the cycling shop, lean forward in your cycling stance, and notice whether the jersey comes untucked, particularly at the rear. If so, you'll want to look for a cycling jersey that is slightly longer.

Try Different Collars

Different cyclists favor different collar styles on their cycling jerseys. Some prefer an actual soft collar, while others prefer a smooth, rounded cuff around the neck. Some people like a short zipper that runs from the collar down to the midway point of the torso, as lowering the zipper can provide a cool breeze on your bare skin if you're cycling in hot and humid conditions. There's no universally "right" solution for collar styles, but it's beneficial to try a few different cycling jerseys — especially if this is the first time that you're buying one — to see which style feels best.


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