Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Falconry As A Sport: Common Faqs From Curious Prospective Enthusiasts

Wade Moreno

While falconry as a sport is less common in the United States, falconry has been a sport in parts of Europe for a long time. This sport involves the process of taking falcons in and taming them, but most importantly, training them to retrieve or hunt specific types of prey. The birds are basically used as a hunting partner in the field, and may also involve using a hunting dog as part of a hunting trio of human, dog, and falcon. If you are an avid hunter and admire falconry, this could be a sport that captures your interest. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about falconry as a sport and the answers you should know. 

Is obtaining a falcon legal in the United States?

In order to take part in falconry, it is, of course, best if you have your own falcon to train. This is where many interested parties find themselves confused because it is well known that it can be illegal to bring a wild animal in and try to domesticate it. However,  in most cases, you can obtain a permit or license to house and use the bird for hunting. For example, in the state of New York, you would have to obtain a falconry license for $40 that covers you for a five-year period. 

How difficult is it to train a falcon?

Falcon training involves intense dedication to the process. These birds require upstanding commitment from their owners to ensure they are properly housed, fed, and handled at all times. Training the falcon is a process that requires oftentimes months-long training because the birds naturally prefer to be in the wild. Strong bonds between the falconer and the falcon can be formed over the long training processes if all is done properly, however. 

What types of birds are used for falconry?

There are several different types of falcons that are preferred for falconry as a sport. However, the more common birds are gyrfalcons, red-tailed hawks, and the American kestrel. While technically certain hawks can be used in falconry, this is not known as falconry to most professional falconers; but rather, hawking. You can obtain certain types of falcons for falconry purposes through licensed breeders in some parts of the country. It is better to find a breeder than to try and capture your own bird from the wild, as this can be prohibited in some locations. 

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