Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

5 Extras To Consider When Booking A Trophy Hunting Weekend

Wade Moreno

If you have not engaged in trophy hunting before, you may be surprised by the wide variety of prices at various trophy hunting ranches. For example, in 2000, the average price range for a trophy axis deer in Texas was between $1,000-$2,500. The wide range in price is partially determined by demand. However, it is more dependent on the extra services the trophy ranch offers to clients. Below are some of the extras that are often available. 


Most trophy hunting packages include meals. However, the type of meals may vary. With some ranches, you may get standard field fare, which will be filling and nutritious, but not anything remarkable. Other ranches pride themselves on their kitchen, employing highly rated gourmet chefs to provide you with exquisite meals each day. 

Some clients prefer simpler meals while hunting, while others won't mind paying the extra money to have more extravagant meals. 


There are two types of transportation to consider when booking a trophy hunting trip. First, you should consider your own transportation to and from the ranch. Some ranches offer private transportation to and from the airport. Other ranches may have private landing strips to access if you have your own air transportation. 

You will also need to assess what kind of transportation is provided once you bring down your trophy. Many ranches include field dressing and transportation of the trophy to local meat processors and taxidermists. However, you should make sure this is included before booking your trip. 

Guides and Assistance 

Ranches offer unguided, semi-guided, and fully guided trips for trophy hunters. Experienced hunters, and especially ones who are repeat hunters at the ranch they are visiting, may prefer unguided trips. Unguided trips give you greater peace and solitude. Inexperienced trophy hunters will need at least semi-guided trips, and novice hunters will need fully guided trips. However, sometimes even an experienced trophy hunter will want to relax with a fully guided trip. 

Ranches with more active, helpful guides may charge a higher daily rate or kill rate. You should also keep in mind that gratuity for guides is expected at most ranches and is not included in the base price of your expedition. 

Extra Hunting Opportunities 

Most ranches offer a multitude of hunting opportunities. You may be able to hunt multiple types of trophy animals in one trip. Alternatively, you may be able to hunt meat animals such as does or hog deer. Additionally, some ranches may offer fishing opportunities. If you plan to do extra hunting during your trip, you should make sure the price of smaller game is included in your package. Otherwise, you will pay a per-animal fee and, potentially, pay extra for each type of expedition you want to tack onto your trip. 

Ranch Amenities

Just as food quality may vary from ranch to ranch, amenities will also value in type and quality. Some ranches offer air-conditioned, well-stocked, and comfortable blinds for night hunting. Other extras commonly offered include swimming pools and poker facilities. Some ranches offer higher-end rooms and common areas, while others offer basic lodging. 

The amenities are especially important to consider if you will be bringing people who do not plan to participate in the hunting activities. A well-rounded ranch can offer a vacation that fits a wide variety of tastes and interests.

With the wide variety in ranches, it is no wonder that both daily rates and trophy prices vary greatly. But what this means for you as a hunter is that you will be able to find a trophy hunting ranch that meets your expectations and fulfills your individual needs and desires. Contact an axis deer trophy hunting ranch to learn more.


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