Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Three Reasons That Carrying Your Pistol In Your Purse Is A Bad Choice

Wade Moreno

Personal firearm, as seen at TLTRAININGSOLUTIONS.COM, training and a license to carry a concealed weapon can have you confidently packing a pistol when you're away from home. If you're a woman who wishes to carry a concealed pistol, you may initially think about doing so in your purse. Your pretense for doing so might be that a holster on your body could be bulky, whereas having the firearm in your purse will allow you to dress in the manner that you wish. However, it's important to know that there are several drawbacks to carrying a pistol in your purse. Here are three to consider.

It Can Take Too Long To Draw

If you're ever in a situation that requires you to draw your pistol to protect yourself from a threat, you need to be able to do so quickly. In some situations, your assailant may be armed. In other cases, you may already be in a physical struggle. When your pistol is in your purse, you may have trouble retrieving it quickly. This can especially be true if your purse is loaded with other items. Fumbling around for even a few seconds could be the difference between you getting the upper hand in the encounter or getting hurt or even killed.

Purse Snatching Can Occur

One type of street crime to which women can often fall victim is a purse snatching. An assailant can quickly grab your purse off your shoulder or out of your hands and disappear into a crowd or a waiting vehicle before you're able to react. Concerns over losing your wallet, keys, and other personal possessions make purse snatching a real concern, but you don't want to lose your firearm if you're a victim of this crime, either. In many cases, stolen firearms are sold to criminals who may use them.

You May Set Your Purse Down And Forget It

Sometimes, women set their purse down on the floor beneath their table at a restaurant or hang it on the rear of a restroom door and walk away without it. This is another reason to avoid carrying your pistol in your purse, as you don't want someone getting access to the weapon and perhaps injuring himself or herself with it. When you opt for a different style of carrying strategy, such as a holster on your body, you can essentially rule out these three concerns that relate to carrying the weapon in your purse.


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