Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Tips For Successfully Using A Fighting Chair During A Fishing Charter

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A deep-sea fishing charter gives you a unique opportunity to land an enormous catch — one with which you'll get photographed and be anxious to share on social media, as well as potentially frame and hang on your wall at home. In order to be in a position to catch a huge fish, you'll need a number of things, including the right geographical location, the right equipment, and the use of a fighting chair. Large deep-sea fishing charter boats are commonly equipped with at least one fighting chair, which is a heavy-duty chair that you strap yourself into because the fish you're fighting dramatically outweighs you. If you'll be using a fighting chair for the first time, here are some tips for doing so successfully.

Take The Time To Adjust It

Don't expect to immediately feel comfortable upon sitting down in the fighting chair. This specialized device is highly adjustable, which means that it may currently be set up for someone of a dramatically different height, weight, and body shape. You're going to be strapped into the chair tightly, and you may remain in it for a long period of time. It's imperative that you sit in the chair and make any necessary adjustments until you're completely comfortable. A deckhand on the fishing charter will show you how to adjust the chair and will offer suggestions on keeping comfortable.

Keep Square

Fighting chairs turn, so it's important for you to turn the chair throughout your battle with the fish. You generally want to keep square to the edge of the vessel — in other words, your line should be crossing the edge of the boat in a perpendicular manner. If you find yourself fishing to either side of the chair, you'll not only quickly get uncomfortable, but rapid movements of the fish could be difficult to control. By staying share, you have the most control.

Have A Spotter

Many anglers appreciate having a spotter from the moment that they get into the fighting chair. Recruit another member of your fishing charter to play this role. The spotter will be responsible for making any necessary adjustments to the chair, as you'll be occupied dealing with the fish. Additionally, the spotter can bring you water and any other things that you may need during this lengthy battle. Ideally, you can find a spotter who has previously used a fighting chair, as he or she will be well suited for this role.

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