Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Benefits Of Working As A Golf Camp Counselor In High School

Wade Moreno

If you're passionate about the sport of golf as a high school student, being able to work in this field as a summer job is ideal. One way that you may be able to gain employment is by working as a counselor at a golf camp. This job can be highly rewarding. You likely got involved with golfing as a child, and the opportunity to share your passion with the game with youngsters in the community is ideal. You may feel as though working in the golf community and getting paid for it are their own reward, but it's important to also note that there are other benefits, including the following.

A Chance To Learn

Even though you'll be instructing young golfers enrolled in the golf camp, you'll also have an opportunity to learn. It's probable that there will be camp counselors who are older and more experienced at golf than you, so listening to what they say to the children, as well as discussing the sport with them in breaks, can definitely help you to augment your game. Even if you're a skilled player, there's always room to improve — and you may find that working as a golf camp counselor helps you to lower your handicap.

Better For College Applications

If you want to get a college scholarship because of your prowess on the golf course and in the classroom, you want to put together an application that is as comprehensive as possible. Being able to demonstrate a commitment to the sport is always a good attribute, and there are few better ways to show your passion for golf than by mentioning how you've worked as a golf camp counselor during your summer breaks. If your golfing results and GPA are similar to another applicant, your work as a camp counselor may give you the upper hand in the application process.

An Opportunity To Play

There's little question that if you work as a golf camp counselor, you'll play a round of golf after camp is over on occasion. The fact that you're already at the golf course with your clubs can make it easy and convenient to get onto the course and play. Conversely, if you work for the summer in a different job, it may be difficult to get from the job to the golf course in time to play. Or, if you're doing something physically demanding such as construction, you may be too tired to play golf after the workday.


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