Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Tips For Planning Your First Alaskan Hunting Trip

Wade Moreno

Alaska is a huge state with a huge variety of natural features and amazing hunting. Hunting enthusiasts dream of going on a hunting trip to Alaska to hunt for animals like bear, moose, caribou, and wild sheep and goats. However, planning a hunting trip to Alaska is a lot more complicated than a normal weekend hunting trip. For a successful hunting trip in Alaska, it is essential to be prepared. Use the following tips to plan your first hunting trip to Alaska:

Determine What Animal You Want to Hunt

Many people do not realize just how large Alaska really is. The state has arctic tundras, mountains, lakes, rivers, and hills, so the type of animal that you plan to hunt will make a big difference in where you should plan to go. After determining what animal you will be hunting, you can then begin to do your research on what area of the state provides the best option for a successful hunting trip.

Arrange for Transportation

While you can fly a commercial airlines to Alaska, the best areas for hunting are typically far from the airport. Since a lot of Alaska is remote and doesn't have numerous highways and roads, you will need to plan on how to get to your hunting site. This may require needing to take a small commuter plane or arranging to have an off-road vehicle available to get you to your hunting spot.

Consider Hiring a Hunting Guide

Even if you are an experienced hunter, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced hunting guide for your first hunting trip in Alaska. While it is possible to do a DIY Alaskan hunting trip to hunt moose, caribou, or black bear, non-residents of Alaska are required to have a hunting guide when hunting grizzly and brown bear, sheep, and goats. An experienced hunting guide will understand the terrain, know the best places to hunt, and will do everything possible to ensure that your Alaskan hunting trip is successful and safe. 

Buy the Right Gear

The weather in Alaska can be very unpredictable, and most hunters who plan to visit Alaska do not have gear that is heavy-duty enough to work well in the Alaskan climate. Prior to your trip, you will most likely need to upgrade your hunting clothes and boots. If you're hiring a hunting guide, some gear and hunting equipment/firearms may be available, but it is important to know what is provided and what is not so you can bring everything that you need on your trip.


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