Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

4 Elements Of A Good Run-In Shed For Horses

Wade Moreno

If you keep your horses out in a pasture, whether for some or all of the day, it's a good idea to build a run-in shed where they can seek shelter from the elements as needed. Usually, these sheds are three-sided. Some may have a partial wall across the fourth side to add a little extra protection from rain and sun. The design is really up to you; there are thousands of different options to choose from. However, all good run-in sheds should have these four elements.

1. Soft Flooring

Never install concrete flooring in a shed. If a horse runs into the shed in a hurry -- especially if he is wearing shoes -- he could slide on the concrete, fall, and injure himself. A dirt floor is the easiest option. Some owners like rubber mats since they can hose them clean and therefore keep the shed more tidy. Below your dirt floor or rubber mats, make sure you install a foot or two of gravel for good drainage.

2. Correct Directional Placement

Figure out which way the prevailing winds blow in your area. You want the shed to face the opposite direction -- with the back to the wind -- so that wind does not whip through the shelter when the horses are inside. Occasionally, winds will blow in the opposite direction, but that's just nature.

3. Enough Space

Make sure your shed is large enough for the number of horses you have in the pasture. For instance, a 12 x 12 shed will work for one horse or two smaller ponies who get along well, but for two or three horses, you will want more space -- like a 20 x 20 shed. If you have one horse who is territorial, you may want to put a divider down the middle of the run-in so that territorial horse can spend time on one side, and the other horses can congregate on the other side. Otherwise, the territorial horse may "claim" the run-in and keep others away.

4. Safe Roof

Especially if you live in an area where snowfall is common, you need to make sure the roof to the shed is secure. You do not want it to come crashing down on your horses at any time. Have an architectural designer look over your plans to ensure the roof structure is safe, and choose quality roofing materials.

Follow the tips above, and your run-in shed should serve as a safe horse shelter for your pastured horses. 


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