Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

3 Tips For Buying Your First Handgun

Wade Moreno

Protecting yourself and your family is becoming a priority for many people in this day and age. Fortunately, you have the right to bear arms as long as you meet certain stipulations. Of course, understanding the process of buying a firearm for sale can be a bit overwhelming, since rules and regulations differ in each state. If you believe you are ready to invest in personal protection, here are a few tips to follow when buying your first handgun.

Know and Follow Your State Laws

Before you head to the gun shop or gun show, you need to spend time learning the laws in your specific state.

Certain states require a permit before you can purchase a gun legally. For example, North Carolina, Oregon, California, Delaware, New Jersey, Michigan, and a few other states require a background check before approving your permit to purchase a handgun from a private dealer.

You will also need to decide whether you will conceal the gun or carry it openly. To earn a conceal carry license, you must complete classroom and shooting training in addition to passing a background check and registering with your local government.

It is important to remember that if you are caught with a handgun that is not registered in your name, you will face legal ramifications. Make sure you follow all regulations before purchasing your gun.

Choose the Right Handgun

Not all handguns are created equal. In addition, one handgun may be perfectly suited to one person, but not to you. In a similar manner to trying on shoes, you need to try on different handguns to determine which is right for you.

The right fun for you should be one that fits your hands and offer enough power to shoot and hit your target accurately. When fired, the handgun's recoil should not affect you and your ability to shoot accurately.

Many people will try on a few different handguns to see what fits their hands best, but it is helpful to shoot a few different guns before determining how it fits you and your needs when fired. To do this, consider working with a local gun seller who has a range that will allow you to fire a few different calibers of guns.

Keep It Safe

Once you do purchase your first gun, never forget about it. Whether you will be carrying and concealing it or keeping it at home or in your vehicle, it should always be accessible to you, but not your children and other family members.

Make sure the safety is always on. You should also keep it stored away in a gun safe or lock box if you will be keeping it in your car or home.


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