Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Retiring To The RV Life? Proactive Tips For A More Road-Ready Experience

Wade Moreno

Across the country, many working Americans tend to dream about their upcoming retirement years and the adventures they will have when they reach that time in their lives. While some think about playing unlimited rounds of golf or swimming in the deep blue sea, a significant number of those who dream about retirement are hankering to spend their leisure years traveling the open road from the driver's seat of their very own recreational vehicle (RV). If you are among those who want to take your life on the road as a retiree, the following tips can help you enjoy the best possible experience. 

Buy well

One of the first ways to ensure that time in an RV will be spent having adventures and not spent dealing with one break down after another is to only purchase your RV from a reputable dealer. Saving money by purchasing a previously owned, gently used recreational vehicle is a great way to save money, but when doing so, it is critically important to only work with a reputable dealer. To choose a reputable dealer, look for one that: 

  • has been in business for at least a few years and is successful
  • offers a good warranty package on the purchase of every RV they sell
  • has excellent reviews 

By choosing to purchase only from this type of recreational vehicle dealer, retirees can more easily be assured that they are getting a reliable vehicle that will be less likely to leave them stranded during their travels. 

Service often 

Whether you purchase your recreational vehicle brand new or save money by buying a used one, having it serviced regularly is the best way to make sure that small repair issues are corrected before they can become large and troublesome. Adhering to a proactive schedule of fluid and belt changes, tune-ups, tire care, battery replacement, and any other necessary maintenance will help to prevent big-ticket mechanical repairs while traveling in the RV. 

Have options

Even RVs that have been carefully vetted and expertly maintained can suffer a freak repair issue or be involved in a disabling accident. Preventing undue stress and hardship from problems of this nature is best done by having options to minimize the damage. Some good options to have include maintaining a generous fund for unexpected repairs and building a network with other recreational vehicle owners that can provide support, if needed, when a problem arises. 

Another great option RV owners should maintain is to find and work with a dedicated RV repair service who can help them design a proactive service schedule for their wheeled retirement home. 


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Spending Time In Recreational Settings

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