Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Escape The City With These Romantic Recreation Ideas

Wade Moreno

The city is crushed with people and the winter is coming. It's not something that most couples anticipate. When the weather turns cold and the snow hits the city, many couples find themselves looking for recreation ideas that they will be able to take advantage of that will take them out of the city and into more sun drenched spots for their vacation. If you and your significant other are looking for something to get you energized during the dark winter, and you're looking for something fun, then the following list will really help you out. Here are a few ideas that you should consider. They will all get the adrenaline pumping and make for an exciting escape from the crunch of the city.

A Mountain Lodge That You Can Rent

One of the big things to do during the cold winter months is to ski or at least spend some time at a mountain lodge. These can be both incredibly romantic as well as amazingly exhilarating. You can get the opportunity to ski or snowboard or simply hike the snowy trails as well as spend time inside at the lodge and soak in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. One thing you should do is look into the different nearby mountain lodges. For instance, if you're located in the New York City region, you will want to look at northern New York as well as Vermont. However, if you live outside of the NYC region, you can check out mountain lodges in any number of locales from Big Bear to The Smokey mountains..

A Private Villa In Punta Cana

If you do want to go down to the tropics and feel like spending time on the beach, then look into Punta Cana. This is one of the most popular towns in the Dominican Republic. It has beautiful beaches and is very safe compared to some of the less popular places. The other great thing about Punta Cana is that you have not only the luxury and popular hotels to choose from, you have some very cool private villas. These are perfect if you happen to be traveling with a group of friends and want to rent something that is less populated than the tourist "traps" that most people will find when they are searching out ideas online.

Puerto Rico But With 4 Stars

If you decide that you want to spend time at the beach, but don't like the idea of a private villa, then you should look into one of the 4 star accommodations that you can find in places like Puerto Rico. A popular destination is Dorado Beach. This is one of the islands most luxurious locations. You will find hotels that have walk in showers, amazing suites, and rooms that have a skyline right on the beach. You will be able to wake up and look out right at the ocean. Then, when you do venture out, you can do anything from windsurfing to paddle-boarding.


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Spending Time In Recreational Settings

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