Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Spending Time In Recreational Settings

Invite Your Employees To Participate In A Live Murder Mystery Game

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After completing an advertising project at your firm, you may be inclined to reward your employees for their perseverance and attention to detail. One way to relax and build camaraderie among your staff is by offering a team murder mystery game for everyone to participate in. Dinner, beverages, themed characters, and prize money can all be included in the play session.

Purchase A Team Mystery Game

A murder mystery can be played inside of your business or at a separate venue, such as a restaurant or rental hall. Since you are going to be including dinner and beverages during the competition, decide if you are willing to purchase and prepare the items that will be served or if it would be more convenient to order items from a dining establishment and pick them up or have them delivered to the location where the game will be held.

You will receive a brief description of each murder mystery game that a retailer is selling, which will help you select one that is suitable for the number of people who will be attending the game event.

Choose a game that features an intriguing storyline and characters and that is designed to last for the amount of time that you have set aside for the social activity. Open the game and review its contents so that you can familiarize yourself with the setting, characters, and storyline that will unfold during the live event. 

Prepare Costumes And Prizes

Prepare costumes for your guests to wear. The costumes don't need to be elaborate and can consist mainly of a hat, kerchief, or another small accessory that will help each participant identify the key players in the game. Choose what types of prizes you would like to give to the winners of the game. Small monetary prizes can be placed inside of envelopes. Give one prize to each person who guesses who the secret murderer is.

If there are going to be more players than acting roles, the extra players can be investigators. Their main purpose will be to follow along with the storyline, gather clues, and make their predictions based upon what has been presented. After inviting everyone to the live mystery game, tell your employees that they will have the opportunity to randomly pick slips of paper that will assist with determining who will play each role.

Before the mystery game is to begin, break your employees up into groups and instruct everyone to pick their roles. Seat the teams on opposite sides of the room. Some of the players will have speaking roles and may be encouraged to act as they recite their statements.

Allow plenty of time for the team members to discuss what they have witnessed and heard during the game and encourage everyone to verbalize their thoughts. In between game rounds, serve beverages and food to your workers.


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